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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another landmark!!

Yesterday I attended my eldest daughter's college graduation. Another gift!  I was given a terminal diagnosis when she was 11 and wanted so much to live to see her graduate from high I've seen her graduate from college!  Amazing!

Sorry I haven't posted much here lately.  My web site is finally back up, but the email is not yet working. If you need to email me, instead use  Thanks!

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Nicki said...

I really super love this, and am so thrilled for you. Thanks for your blog, as you know there is SO LITTLE info out there on appendix cancer, and even less on survival of it. Thank you. Our mom is in the middle of her battle, and it's been really, really hard to watch. We're hopeful, but every round of chemo and avastin takes my breath away just watching it happen. She tells everyone she's doing terrific. That's not how it LOOKS from here, but if it's true, I'm definitely doing worse with it than she is. :) So..thank you. :) Nicki