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Saturday, September 17, 2011

In Baltimore!!

I'm in Baltimore for the 2nd annual Heat it to Beat It walk!  I'm getting better at knowing where I'm going and using the light rail, a commuter train.  The walk is held in the center of Baltimore, the Inner Harbor, but hotels there are very expensive, so I stay near the airport in a nice hotel that is 1/4-1/5 of the cost of an Inner Harbor hotel ad use public transportation to commute.  Only $3.50 buys you an all day pass to use all of the trains and buses...can't beat that ($40-$50 one way commute to the harbor via cab).  After walking miles downtown today, I attended a very nice and well-attended reception for the walk at Mercy Medical Center tonight.  I got to meet some other great survivors!  One is an 11 year survivor.  She also initially received a terminal diagnosis, and after her first HIPEC surgery it recurred three years later...and she received a second terminal diagnosis.  She had a second HIPEC surgery 7 years ago and has since been cancer-free.  The walk is tomorrow, and so far 671 signed up prior on-line, more signed up tonight at the reception. Will let you know the grand total when I know!  I will post pictures of the walk when I return home (forgot my card reader). 

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