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Friday, January 14, 2011

Newspaper Article!!

I was honored to be interviewed by a large local newspaper, they published the article today, you can read it here Knowledge is Power .  It was on the front page of the paper!  Hopefully it will help more people become aware of our disease.

Cool thing, after the paper came out I received a call from our Cancer Resource Center.  It is affiliated with a research center working with clinical trials, but offers support groups and counseling to those struggling with a cancer diagnosis.  Years ago, after my diagnosis, I joined a support group there for a short while. They have now asked if I would be willing to come speak to their patients who are so desperately in need of hope.  I'll be thrilled to do that!!

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Troy said...

Hi Carolyn -- Great to see your story in the Times. I'm so happy to see that your passion and efforts to help others are being acknowledged. Good work and best of luck. I have moved on from my firm to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where I am working in-house.

Troy Barron