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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Website blogs

My new web site developers are trying to get me more "out there" in the networking sites etc.  The siteis still very much under construction, have patience!

They also offer a blog network attached to my site for appendix cancer patients so that we can more easily communicate with each other.  New to me, JCow. I checked it for the heck of it today, and several people have joined our blog network!!!   Surprised me, and made me feel great.  Those diagnosed with appendix cancer are supporting others diagnosed with appendix cancer via the blog network!  We all need that...communicating  with others who have been there and done that, walked in our shoes.  People who can support us in ways those who don't have our diagnosis can't.  I have some who are not candidates for surgery who are looking for others like them who they can communicate with....maybe they can join the blog network?  It's a bit like a private facebook community.

Also, for fun, I'm going to paste a link here. I grew up in a traditional church and really didn't like it...the solumness, the formality, the liturgy, the dreary hymns.  I quit going to church pretty much when I moved out at 17.  Then I discovered the more contemporary churches about 10 years ago...and loved them!  I belong to one now that is 1000 members strong, is upbeat (jeans are the normal attire), we have a great band (complete with drums and electric guitars), and informal services.  We have 5 Christmas Eve services, one tonight (good for me as we spend Christmas Eve in Illinois with my family).  But this video is a rocked out rendition of one of my favorite carols, Drummer Boy,  from last year's Christmas Eve service that I LOVED!   Maybe some of you will enjoy it?


prem said...

my friend's wife is suffering from cancer in the urine tube. she has undergone a surgery already. if you have any piece of advice for her , plz pass it on.i heard about you frm an article published in an Omani daily which praises the cancer drug chinese happy tree. i would like to know if it would work positively in the case of the above mentioned cancer case.i am looking forward to your reply

Carolyn Langlie-Lesnik RN BSN said...

Hi Oman,

The chemotherapy derived from the Chinese Happy Tree is irinotecan (also known as CPT 11 or Camptosar).
It is not an herbal drug, but a prescription chemotherapy used to treat colorectal cancers, I don't know that it is any use for cancers of the urinary system.

Hope that helps!


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