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Friday, August 13, 2010


I was googling Heat it to Beat It, to find their home page, as I was hoping it was high up on the Google ranking, and I turned up this website...they had copied and pasted my own Heat it to Beat It August 11 post from my blog (after they removed the link to my personal fundraising page) and claimed it was written by "Mesothalioma Treatment Options". Kind of strange! I wouldn't have minded if they had linked to my blog or stated me as their source, as I want the event to get a lot of attention. But....

See it here on the Mesothelioma web site, the site that is plagerizing my posts from the Appendix Cancer Survivors Blog.

I today added to my site "If you use my posts/content, please link to my site or credit the source" along with a notice that I am now protected by "Copyscape", so do not copy my content.

I don't think I'm such a great writer, but I still want to own what I write, I guess? It come from my, and only my heart. Not someone else's.


Alice said...

Wow! I just posted a comment on that blog, as your "Shout Out" to me was left in the alternate post." My comment on the Mesothelioma blog:

"I am the Alice referred to in the last paragraph, and it has nothing to do with this website.

This post was taken directly from a different blog of a different cancer, which I've had, in which I had commended the author.

A request that the author of this entry be properly credited.


Carolyn Langlie-Lesnik RN BSN said...

Thank you so much, Alice! I left them a comment too... I don't see the comments published, though.
Interesting....they also posted this particular post on their website?? Maybe they are just kind of syphoning my posts?

Alice said...

Yes, they are siphoning your posts. I just sent you an email with links on their site to about 5 other posts of yours that I found in a brief search.