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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I need your input...please vote!

I mentioned before that I had founded a non-profit organization. It is the Appendix Cancer Connection. It was a stretch for me to do that, totally out of my realm of experience and expertise. But I decided that was the right thing to do. I feel for those with breast cancer, but sometimes get jealous of all of the support they have, all of the funds raised to find a cure for their cancer. We with appendix cancer need a voice and support too!

I had to learn a lot to do that. I took a business course to learn about devolping a non-profit and writing business plans. I had to learn how to legally form a corporation (you have to be a corporation to apply for 501 (c)3 to be recognized as a public charity). I hired an attorney to help me with the Federal 501(c)3 application...which has been approved, our organization is now recognized as a charity by the Federal govenment! I needed a board of directors, and I recruited 5 people to be on the organization's board. We have board meetings now complete with agendas and minutes. I am looking for a web site designer and recently went to a grant writing workshop. I now communicate with my Secretary of State. Yet another brave new world.

My goal is for all of us with appendix cancer to have a voice, to have support, to have information available, to increase public awareness of our struggle and to raise funds for research that will one day result in a cure for this cancer. The money required for founding this organization has been contributed by my late mother, my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law and husband and I. All people who believe in my mission.

I recently hired a company (The Logo Company)to design a logo for our non-profit. They will also do business cards and stationary for the organization at a very reasonable price. They have sent me logo designs to choose from, and I want you to be a part of choosing a logo...this organization is not mine, it is for all patients and family members struggling with this disease. It is OUR organization. A logo will haelp people recognize and remember us.

I am asking for your opinion on three of the logo designs. I have a favorite, but I want to know YOUR favorite. Please look at the 3 links to these designs and tell me which you like best. Email me your preference at And thanks in advance for your help! We are in this together!

Logo designs:





Charlotte said...

It is great that you have formed this organization. I lost my spouse to PMP, because of being treated for Ovarian Cancer for three years even though the patholgy report clearly said the PMP arised out of the Lumen of the Appendix. Wrong treatment, wrong diagnosis, and no communication to us so that we could make an informed decision.
I like the butterfly logo. A butterfly signifies beautiful life to me.

Bette said...

Thanks for your work on our behalf. Since being diagnosed in 11/09, I have been searching for support and information on appendix cancers. Your blog has shown up on my searches and I thank you. I'm not good at conversing online but wanted to thank you for your efforts. I, too, love the butterfly. It's hope of tomorrow and transformation.

Dan said...

I vote for friends!

Daria said...

They are all real good ... if I had to choose I'd say Butterfly.

Anonymous said...

Butterfly. =)