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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where The End of Cancer Begins: Stand Up to Cancer

I have mentioned Dr. Wahl, the cancer research scientist I met in San Diego who so inspired me as to the importance of funding for cancer research. At the time I met him, he was speaking to a group of us involved in the Scientist-Survivor Program. Towards the end of our discussion, he told us to watch the date Sept. 5th, that something new and important would happen regarding cancer research funding. Though we asked, he would not tell us what it was, just told us to "watch the date".

It's officially now been announced on TV and the web site is up and running. Stand Up To Cancer. On September 5th all three major television networks will join hands and work together to donate an hour of commercial-free television time to education and fundraising devoted to a cancer cure. The special will feature live performances by recording artists, television and film stars. There will be interviews with patients and scientists, information about cancer screening and information about potential ground-breaking discoveries in cancer research.

The web site ( )is wonderful and loaded with information on this new initiative which I will do my best to make people aware of. Cancer affects all of us. One in every two men and one in every three women will one day have a cancer diagnosis...unless cancer is beaten.

With so many resources and people and hopefully the many citizens in our nation coming together, this truly may mean the beginning of the end of cancer. Major league baseball has already donated $10 million to Stand Up To Cancer.

Please check out the web site and listen to some of the videos. Click the link "Get Involved" at the top of the web page and maybe add a face to the Stand or a star to the Constellation. Search the Constellation and see if someone you know is already there.

I think this is a truly wonderful and good thing...people from so many different walks of life joining hands and coming together in an attempt to defeat cancer. It's so appropriate, too. When I was diagnosed, I realized cancer was the great equalizer...being rich or smart or successful did not offer any protection. This is kind of the flip side of that coin. We are all potential victims, but we can all make a difference in defeating cancer. We can all join together to battle an enemy that affects us all.


Tina said...

I dont know where to ask this question? I was wondering if on the faq page you could put the affects of fertility on both men and women. My husband has appendix cancer adn I can't seem to find an answwe on that. He is only 30 years old.

Carolyn Langlie-Lesnik RN BSN said...

Hi Tina,

I will ask some of the specialists I communicate with for more information specifically as it pertains to appendix cancer and will update my FAQs.

I know chemotherapy can affect fertility, and in woman appendiceal cancer VERY often metastasizes to the ovaries, resulting in the need for removal of the ovaries, which renders a woman infertile.

If your husband is to receive chemotherapy, he should discuss the possible effects on fertility with his oncologist.

I wish you and your husband the best in his battle with this disease.

Take very good care,